The Write Mix is by freelance writer Peter Veugelaers featuring his past articles and pieces of writing as well as notes on the writer’s life and about what he is writing now. Peter is a published writer of articles, reviews, and devotions. He will post film reviews on this blog and has recently published another blog to review films again. 

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com


Peter Veugelaers played cricket at one stage for reps and first eleven and was very well regarded as a performer, his best bowling figures were taking six wickets for four runs. In 1989, he took up a writing course and was asked what he would do with writing. He said he wanted to help people as best he could. In 1990, he made the life changing decision to follow his instincts to do Christian work because of his newfound faith in Christ. In 1996 he started writing for Giveway magazine as a Christian film reviewer. In 2000, he started to write for the faith-based Challenge Weekly as an article writer while finding more outlets for film reviewing and articles. In 2017, he unofficially retired from writing for publishers in those forms and went blogging. However, he has started another review blog recently. He writes poetry, fiction, aims to publish new articles about various things, pens devotions, reads every day, and watches cricket when he can.