Don’t lozse them!

“Don’t lose those notes,” she told her brother. It sounded like lozse.

“What did you say?” The bro could not hear her properly, so he thought.

“Don’t lozse the notes!”

Oh, he said. “Don’gt lozse the notes, you say. But I have! What am I going to do?”

“Don’t be sorry if you can’t find them”, she comforted. Regret peeled back over his face and sunk heavily on his lip. He regained his composure. Don’t worry, he thought. It does not matter. I wish I had those notes though. Wishing would not bring them back. But, then again, all he needed was one Great Idea.

Lost notes

Satellite images of lost notes, but no one has identified them. Notes of enormous potential, suspected to be blockbuster material of great literary merit. But lost, forever. The search goes in in his bedroom for them, but searching for that One great idea, really. Will it be found?

Tell a story

I know there is a lot of bad news about, but if you turn on the television news, you’ll get some more. While there is a dearth of good television broadcasting, I am, strangely enough, watching the news more than ever. That is the current events. There is one channel I like, but the other one I don’t that much. While watching that one, I noticed a hidden niche for writers that hasn’t been tapped into that much. While the presenters weren’t telling us about how bad shape America is, they were recycling people’s dirty laundry. I saw the potential for a competitor — positive stories, done with charm and imagination. I know that half the world is in bad shape–but there has got to some good despite the dross? Do something differently positive to the latest fall from grace of a politician.

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Writing it down

If you want to write anything for publication or pleasure may as well get yourself a notebook or exercise book depending on how mobile you are during the day. Using a notebook, Dictaphone, or mobile phone somehow, may be good for people on the move. For writer’s in one place most of the time, all of those ways are good, but a writer in one place may use an exercise book effectively. The idea is to write, jot, or note down what comes to mind, your inspirations, your thoughts, that may become stories, poems, articles, and so on. But not every idea is worth its weight in gold, but I still write them down.