A moment with the Oscars

This is one of my early articles, more inclined to be a piece as it is short.

The article is about the Academy Awards. Pretty much I was religiously into the Academy Awards when I was a mid-teenager. The devotion grew less but I kept an eye out for them. In the mid-90’s I got back into the Oscars, without the religiosity that marked my mid-teens, but with a sense of interest in the proceedings. I wasn’t engrossed in them, but took an interest. But it was a strong interest as I was writing film stuff.

So, when the Oscars came around in 1997, I took note because I was writing about film and because I wanted to. I wrote an article that reflected that moment of my pop life. Here was that article, short and I would hope sweet. Nothing eloquent or literary, but quite ordinary, perhaps thoughtful to say the most.

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The Hobbit

This an other voice on The Hobbit, it’s not my voice. It is the voice of a Hobbit devotee if that is the right expression. To me, it certainly sounds more like a devotee than a casual interest or passing one. This is part one of an interview with Archbishop David Moxon in 2014. His is a voice I generously post, although is not my voice. It is a part of my pop life series of articles. What do you think of David Moxon’s voice or his content below?

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