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The barrister winked at him. “Nothing like a change to get customers back, eh?”

Secretly, she slipped something addictive into his coffee. “How about a latte today, sir?” The story continues…

Old habits die hard

He couldn’t kick the habit. He kept on taking the same path to the same coffee shop every day. Three times a day.

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He knew he should have been working at it, but the same old dreary daily grind did nothing for him. But it was a lovely view.

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The barrister smiled. The man was about to go back to his cottage when he said, “See you at three.”

“I don’t think so,” the barrister said.

The man turned back. “Hmm? What did you say?”

“Something’s going to happen. Something wonderful.”

The man wondered what she meant and he went home sipping his coffee.

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By the time he got home, he had half a cup of coffee to go. He was optimistic as he had saved half a cup for now although half was already gone.

He checked his watch and it was 12.00pm. “Three hours before my next coffee,” he muttered to himself. “Can’t wait. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy this cup.”

He took a sip. And another. And another.

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By the end of the coffee, he wondered if he developed a habit. It dawned on him, actually, like a revelation.

“Old habits die hard,” he said to himself, muttering away. There was a knock on the door. The man opened the door and saw the barrister from the coffee shop.

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“Hello!” said the man. “Have you come with a coffee?”

“I sure have,” she replied. She whipped out a takeaway cup.

The man grabbed the cup.

“Before you drink,” said the barrister. “Something’s special in that coffee. As I said, I won’t be seeing you again today.”

She walked away and the man shut the door.

“I wonder what’s in it,” muttered the man. “I hope it’s good!” The man laughed and laughed out loud.

He drank some more and laughed and laughed.

He laughed so hard he didn’t feel like going back to the coffee shop again.

“I think that coffee solved my habit. I don’t feel like a coffee ever again.”

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The man went back to the coffee shop the next morning to ask the barrister what she put in his coffee.

“I put in something special , I told you.”

“It made me laugh. What was it?”

She leaned into him. “I’ll let you in on a secret.”

The man leaned into her. “Yes?”

“It’s from coffee beans.”

The man took a step back and laughed. “What kind of coffee bean?”

“I don’t know. But it’s from a goat.”

The man laughed again.

“A goat?”

The man laughed and laughed.

The barrister said, “A goat’s belly.”

The man’s face shot white. “Inside a goat?”

“Yes. Would you like more of that or something different?”

The man said, “I never want to laugh like that again. Get me something different, please.”

The barrister smiled. She knew that he’d be back.

“I thought I had kicked the habit. But those beans were disgusting.”

Taking off

The barrister promised the customer something special in the coffee today. “You’ll take off,” she said.

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The man went home and looked into his coffee. It looked creamy smooth and luscious. He wondered what the barrister had put in his coffee this time?

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The man waited for a sweet surprise.

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He was sitting at his desk, waiting. Waiting for inspiration.

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And waited. And waited. Until his coffee went cold.

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Then something occurred to him. There was a hissing sound outside. Could the gas be leaking?

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The man went outside and saw a hot air balloon. The boy in the balloon said, “Get on board!”

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They flew high that day. The boy said, “How was the coffee?”

“I guess I just had enough before it got cold,” said the man.

“You’ve taken off now. Wasn’t that what the barrister promised?”

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The man smiled. “The barrister made my day.”

There’s a fly in my soup

The weather may have been the same, but not his coffee. The barrister slipped something extra special into his coffee today…

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After a downpour of rain, he took a sip of his coffee, for consolation.

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The coffee tasted finer than usual.

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So fine that something got stuck in his tooth…

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It was all rather painful when he pulled it of his mouth. It couldn’t be the coffee. This was harder than coffee. Was it something in the coffee? It must have been!

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What came out his mouth was a bronze coated award! It was shaped like a man and shiny like brand new!

The man was upset and went back to the coffee shop.

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The barrister smiled and the man noticed he had a gold tooth.

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“Why is there a prize in my coffee?” The man was visibly angry.

The barrister replied, “What was the prize?”

“It was coated bronze.”

“You won something! When I first had coffee here, I got a gold tooth. See?”

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The man looked around at everyone enjoying themselves, incensed.

“Do you mean to tell me, you serve gold and bronze?”


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“I want my coffee, not gold or bronze!”

The barrister smiled and the man noticed his gold tooth. “It only happens once. It’s our introductory offer.”

“You mean to tell me, that your coffee is magic!”

“No. But it does have purifying powers.”


“You may wish to come back. All the other customers are happy.”

“I’m not one of them! I want real coffee!”

“That was more than real coffee. I slipped something extra in this time. Next time it will get back to boring normal. Would you like a loyalty card?”

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Have a good day

I like outrageous stories and tall tales that have an exaggerated sense of life. So, here is a short tale of going to the coffee shop.

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On the way, have a good day said the cashier.

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Money was not on the cashier’s mind when she slipped in something special in his coffee that day.

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When he got home, he placed the cup on the sink.

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And about to drink, a bit spilled onto the sink. He took the cup into the lounge and heard a noise from behind. It was a growing noise from inside the kitchen.

As if something was getting bigger and bigger…

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It was that something special put in his coffee that had spilled on the sink.

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It was foamy and frothy and soon took over the house. A rather big bowl of coffee did the house become.

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And the man gladly drunk from a pool of coffee.