Blogs are readily set up for this sort of writing

The name of this blog you are reading is the Write Mix which means there is a mix of writing on it. So, it occurred to me as I posted the previous writing that it’s in the genre of diary writing. And one before that was in the genre of anniversary writing.

Days and dates are important to diaries. In fact, blogs are extremely like the diary genre as every post is dated and journalled.

Diary writing reminds me of Bram Stoker’s Dracula which was the first book I read in the diary format. Diary formats are simply what happens, what occurs or what transpires according to a plot on certain days if not every day. Sounds like blogging.

My “music diary” is what I’m thinking regarding album releases in a particular week on certian years but not necessarily every week. A blog is readily set up for this sort of writing as each is post is dated already. For that diary entry to be published, one must post it.

Regarding anniversary writing this can come in various shapes and forms, such as an organization’s jubilee. The anniversary celebrations are described in the newsletter or newspaper. In terms of mine purposes, I use the anniversary date of a movie or album to review it and post that review in the week of its anniversary.

That been said, blogs are ready made places for the diary and anniversary genres.

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