Good battles evil for a restored world

Dark Crystal, The

Released December 17, 1982

REVIEW. Jim Henson (formerly of The Muppets, he died not long after this film) and Frank Oz (the voice and original performer of Yoda in Star Wars) directed this fantasy film set in a world of exotic creatures and beings, all performed by humans in puppet-like manicures where movements are given the appearance of puppets.

A thousand years ago, in another world, two groups splintered off into mystics and an evil race and the evil ones at the conjunction of three suns may control this world if not for a gelfling to restore the land back to its original ‘green’ state. A struggle between good and evil ensues, and it is a suspenseful and enjoyable adventure, and the pace is suitable for the young ones.

The good versus evil is framed in an astrological worldview it seems but good and evil are realities that have long been established. In terms of their being originally a good world without blemish, and good beings, but that that the evil enters the world to cause mayhem. So, there is a need for restoration to all that is good. I found a pleasantry the idea of a restored world. I enjoyed The Dark Crystal, I noticed no profanity, and lots of good overcoming evil, and visually quite a small kind of spectacle about another world all together, quietly fascinating.

Reviewed by Peter Veugelaers.

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