The theme of fear of rejection in Cyrano


FAITH AND FAILM.  Love that was once for a cousin, as in the version of Cyrano from 1990, is now for a friend, and I am more comfortable with this leaning. Cyrano is also a story of shame and fear of rejection — something that single people of faith can struggle with.

Cyrano Bergerac is still anti-establishment, and this leaning is evident in the new film where Cyrano (Peter Dinkage) is found berating the performance of one of the players of the local theatre. Cyrano will not sell his soul for the establishment instead bemoaning what has been done to the theatre while commenting on what the theatre should be. He has a good soul according to the writer although he dares not pluck up the courage to reveal his love feelings for Roxanne (Hayley Bennett), his friend.

That’s because he thinks she will not be interested in him. He feels flawed because he, in his own words, is a midget. This point in the story is new whereas in the other versions Cyrano had too bigger nose to think he will attract Roxanne.

A kind of love triangle develops. The story goes that Roxanne sets eyes on solider Christian (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) and is madly attracted to him and he to her.

Roxanne wants a letter from Christian, but he is inarticulate and cannot write a “love letter”. So, Cyrano suggests he himself writes the letter in the name of Christian (ghost writer anyone?) and in doing so would be vicariously saying what he, Cyrano, really feels for Roxanne. He would bare his soul, without her seeing him.

The love triangle unravels in quite dramatic and tragic fashion. Although Cyrano makes a better sounding proposal than the man (played by Ben Mendelsohn) she is arranged to marry and who has quite considerable clout about town.

Kelvin Harrison Jr as Christian.


Cyrano can whip his tongue about around a witticism and a play on words better than anyone, but what was the man to do, Roxanne?

What a terrible state of mind Cyrano is in. What a pickle he’s in. What is a man to do? They are friends now in this version which makes the idea of being in love palatable but look at the state of Cyrano. What a bother.

He took the most conservative action – which is, by and large, the way singles with self-image problems can go. Although coming together is the way life goes, to be fruitful and multiply, to get married and have children. Sometimes, human beings take the most conservative action because of fear of rejection as in Cyrano’s case or for whatever reason life gives.

Not ‘getting together’ is not the end, as deep within the heart of every person the need for relationship in some way can be met—through friendship, faith in God, family.


First released December 17, 2021 (Los Angeles), general release February 25, 2022 (USA), other territories Feb/Mar/April 2022, ITunes April 5, 2022.

Reviewed by Peter Veugelaers.

Published 2022,


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