He had been drinking instant coffee for years. At home.


Every day, the same brand. The same mix. The same old instant coffee.

Three times a day. Sometimes four.

But recently he had been finding the same coffee didn’t taste as good as usual. He worried. Angst pulsed through his soul. What would he do?

He kept on drinking the same instant coffee. Until inspiration struck.

He went to the coffee shop across the road.

What would he find there?

He ordered coffee on the day after his last instant coffee at home. He knew of the brands. He chose latte, it sounded a bit different to the usual. After all he was having instant coffee for many, many years.

He took the cup home, put in the sugar, and took his first sip.

And another.

And another.

Until he finished his first ever latte.

He mused over the experience like a critic. “That was great”, he said aloud.

The next he went back to the coffee shop across the road. And the next day. And the next.

Until he forgot about instant coffee.

Then, one day, the coffee shop shut down for earthquake strengthening. He was shell shocked.

But he went home and prepared an instant coffee, but not in the old way. He put water in his instant coffee this time to see if it would taste better. Before he added boiling milk to the instant. He hoped water would make a difference. And it did!

It was instant coffee, after all. Did they ever tell him to add boiling water?

It tasted not so good. There happened to be another coffee shop in the vicinity. So he went to the coffee shop down the street and got his latte. It tasted so much better.

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