What is Christmas?

Some Christians embrace Christmas and take the opportunity to spread the ‘reason for the season’. Others say Christmas is a pagan ritual that Christians should have nothing to do with it. I am more inclined towards the former camp, you may have guessed, as I am writing a post about Christmas during the season. The rather narrow Christian application of the Christmas season may come up with few imaginative stories or may even stir one’s faith in Christ that bit further. It may even inspire a radically different story for a writer like me. However, like me, I think many people don’t think about the arguments against Christmas because what else is there to do but just put a thought up and think something positive. It’s sure to do one good. Maybe one day I’ll read about the historical roots of Christmas, but I think it won’t ever change my demeanor over the holiday season. On that note, all the best of the season.

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