There has been some argument in evangelical circles over the role of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life. Some say the Spirit does not ‘speak’ to us, but that we must listen to the Bible as God speaking to us and as God’s authoritative word.

I was listening to a 1987 song by Allies from their album Shoulder to Shoulder. The song was called Voice of the Spirit. It’s a strong song about listening to the voice of the Spirit and taking on board what the Spirit is saying.

But can this be relied on? How would we know God is speaking through the voice of the Spirit?

Some evangelicals say we should judge the “voice of the Spirit” by what the Bible is teaching. If the voice contradicts the Bible, then we shouldn’t agree it is from the Spirit. This is because the word of God, the Bible, does not contradict the Spirit. The word and the Spirit work together.

However, much seems to get passed as from the Spirit of God which contradicts God’s word in some charismatic circles.

If God speaks to a particular Christian by the Spirit to do something, this should in no way contradict or dishonor God and his word. God may have a particular purpose and has to get that through to someone–however discretion is still advised and common sense, and one should not dishonor God by saying it is from the Lord when it is not.

One should appropriate the ‘voice of the Spirit’ if one thinks they hear it and test it to see if it is truly from God and use one’s good sense if one can see error of judgment creeping in.

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