U2 was at the peak of their career when they released Achtung Baby (1991). More relaxed than when they started their musical career, U2 produced with Achtung Baby an album rather than anything resonating beyond the four walls perhaps, but I could be wrong. See the end of this review for more.

They had done something more with War, The Unforgettable Fire and The Joshua Tree a few years earlier, but with Achtung Baby it is all about the execution rather than a world-defining theme that reaches beyond the album itself.

The theme of the record, as I see it – of we all being crippled in some way by the human condition and needing the strength of love to help us – is an abstraction not really resonating with this reviewer. Even so, a theme which has a ring of truth and well balanced throughout.

The songs are written poetically and are, perhaps, complex. Musically, it’s bassist and minimalist in part, but each song having its own distinction and musical resonance. This is a strong album.

The only downside is does it go any further than what is laid down on vinyl, leaving one wondering at the end of it, is that all? Maybe we are being asked to reflect on this album to come to such a conclusion and ask ourselves if we need more of love in our lives. However, still leaving me dry, but I would pray for a moment to ask the Lord of it: show me his love, more, because I probably do need more of the pure love of God to strengthen and straighten my soul.

This album may make one think twice if taken seriously enough. Therefore, not only a great piece of music, but something that can potentially make you think about the theme in a personal way.

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