Good idea

Space Jam (1996). Released November 15, 1996. Unfortunately, this is a redundant animated fantasy in more ways than one. I expected better. When it comes to films where you expect a lot of fun, there can be a falling short of one’s expectations, though.

It’s a novel idea which attracts one to watch (but just an idea until fully executed) where outer space aliens set up a basketball match against the Looney Tunes, those famous Warner Brother cartoons. They get assistance from Michael Jordan as himself (back in the day in character mode) who comes out of retirement to face the aliens on court.

As a film, Space Jam is a live action animation with fantasy and noise on adrenalin. The sports presenter who said this is a classic is overrating the case and even the Tunes are having a bad day. If one expects the big match-up on court to compensate, I was gravely disappointed during the movie’s big moment.

This is where sports heroes are idols and the values of success and doing it yourself seem to trump the values of reliance on God and divine intervention. See how NBA players as themselves (in character mode) are weakened by some alien ‘force’ and are crying (yes, even crying) their sporting lives made zip from debilitation and their prayers fall on “deaf ears”.

Themes have relevance to life, and I got to ask: when you last prayed to God, what happened? In Space Jam the answer from God is silence. So, what do you do when God is silent? In Space Jam, the athlete gives up on praying to God. But if God were to show one good reason to believe in him…that is even here, on this planet, there would be evidence that God is interested in me and you. And I would say there is evidence and good reasons to keep praying to God and keep the faith. Space Jam tends to throw the baby out with the bath water, though.

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