Revealed or not

The other day I read a verse from the Bible. Just a verse. John 15:22 to be exact. It stirred up a reflection.

Do persecutors and sinners know what Jesus is saying? If so, they will be judged by the revealed light they are given. That is how I read John 15:22. The verse does not describe sinners and persecutors as passive, but actively going against the revealed light given to them. Jesus says they will not be held blameless.

If we are free from retribution for the revelation we are not given, John 15:22 may be a liberating word, but if we are given more light and revelation from God, can be an uncomfortable truth . Then we have a choice what to do with the revelation or light given by God. We will be made accountable for the choice.

It is the person who understands the revealed word or revealed light from God and what they do with it that God is holding to account.

This is my reading of John 15:22.

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