Olympic fever: mercy, please

One is in the last 250 meters and third to last and the commenter says don’t give up on them now, anything can happen. They have huge potential. They could win. But they don’t get in the top four or five. They say they competed well. All that matters, then, is giving the race a good go.

But, what happens if you don’t care? What will they say then? Call you are a slacker? A no-hoper? Even worse, no they would not call you a loser, but you don’t care if you win or if you lose and even if you must compete well.

What matters is just doing something to the degree that satisfies you. As long as everyone mucks in the same when you are working together…

But there are the strivers. The slavers. The winners are okay because they just do it for themselves yet the crowds love it even when it is not done for them. They just want to win. It is the commentators that focus on the philosophy of winning in all its forms and yell it to the rafters. Mercy.

But, for some, doing something in life are the essentials of survival and listening to music the way they’d like. Some would seek to bring into flames your potential as they see it, for you to do well in the world and fulfill your calling, but you, you’d just like to listen to music the way you do.

Just the grace of knowing you do not have to reach the pinnacle, win something, strive for something, and then ask what’s the point. What really mattered was the basic things in life: like mercy and a yardstick that never measures my performance and how well I am doing. Oh, for mercy and peace and never having to explain why I only came third but saying it is great. Winning is better really. Be honest. Feels good.

In the world, it does matter if you come fifth. If you win. Coming first. Fifth can be good, they’d say. First is better it seems. But the only measure that matters is God’s estimation of us. That’s because God is our creator and has a claim on our lives and offers mercy to the humble and penitent before him. It is not much to ask from God, being the creator behind everything. God’s mercy is great.

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