In the zone?

Is writing getting into the groove or getting into the zone? We are told writing is a discipline, so wouldn’t getting into the groove and in the zone just be a discipline one applies? But writing in the groove and in the zone is not only disciple and inspiration. It is not only a regular routine. Writing in the groove or in the zone is a state of mind.

In the groove or in the zone?

What is writing in the groove? And what is writing in the zone?

In the groove is writing sustained in a typical rhythmic pattern, going from one piece of writing or from one session of writing to another in a consistent rhythmic way, with ease.

In the zone means you are into it, so exhaustion can creep in. In the zone is that you are in the moment of the writing and this is what matters and executing the next piece of writing depends if one can get in the zone.

If you write in the zone and don’t feel like writing something else after giving your all with the one before, you’d do something else.

Which way depends on the person. I write in the zone, I am only now discovering this. I try and keep a steady weekly cycle up of writing however much I do.

State of mind

State of mind is important in writing. If one’s outlook can’t be bothered, that makes writing from a good state difficult. If one finds themselves stuck in the mud with writing, the good days writing feel better, and these days may be more inspired than sticking to a routine. Those states may indicate if one prefers to write in the groove or in the zone. We prefer one pattern or the other or even both.

If you are not a career writer, or even if you are, identifying if you are a writer in the groove or in the zone can assist one in what routine one applies to their writing and even the path one takes with their writing.

In terms of the writing path one takes, if you write in the zone a sedate routine of writing may be more applicable than a career and one which allows the writer time rather than a deadline.

For workers, the working week still dictates how much work we do in a job, but now they are finding how overwork can be out of whack for many people in the “rat race”, they say quality is better than quantity.

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