The fine line between security and discrimination is the facts apparently. I am walking out of a shop with a item in a bag. I’m stopped by the guard. He security checks me. Actually, he checks my receipt to see if I’ve purchased. I’m wearing casual. Do I they think I look like a “bum” who is going to steal something?

Was I singled out for wearing shorts at 10.00am on a Monday morning so I looked like the kind of person who would nick off with something? I must look dodgy.

So, I checked with the manager and was given a satisfactory answer. At this place they are doubly security conscious. It is actually their job to check receipts. This guy did. The only one who has in three years frequenting this shop.

Someone is doing their job on a quiet day.

But during a busy time it’s a pot luck kind of way to see if someone has purchased. Who do you choose?

I have an inkling that there must be a method to get through the plethora of customers on a busy day. You can’t do everyone, but, I am told that they should check everyone. Businesses do have these sorts of fussy rules so they protect themselves. It comes down to a willing or unwilling security guard to execute the rules.

One school of thought is that the guy just wanted to see what CD’s I got. Yet there was a tense moment when I thought I was in trouble when he kept on looking over my receipt.

“Just doing my duties,” he said to me.

But I investigated to make sure and I must say that I was personally satisfied with the explanation at the time.

On second thoughts the rules seem impossible to keep. However, businesses are trying to protect themselves. Don’t take it personally. Someone is doing their job.

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