Those trips down memory lane: the music store

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I was listing all the albums I have ever had — and had a memory of all the shops I had been to get those CD’s.

Let me digress for a moment before I relay my story. Younger readers may be unfamiliar with the experience of going to shops to get one’s music. It’s an ancient activity, but shops that sell CDs still do exist. The shops I am referring to are shops from the past. Decade/s ago. But I don’t mind things from the past.

Anyhow, I recalled three shops, in fact they stood out in my memory as something special. They are gone now. But I will remember those shops. Because I enjoyed going there for the CDs.

One shop was a straight record store, the other a department store that had a records section, and the third one a specialist store of Christian supplies which had a music section. Great memories of CDs.

I had finished my list of all the albums I had ever bought and thinking about those CDs I thought if I remembered if anything of worth. Does anything stand out?

Was the trip to the shop worth it?

So I did some reflection and even, at times, played songs from the CD’s to suggest how I felt about it.

These were some of the words I used to describe the feeling.

Worthless, unenlightening, amusing, a drag, I was beginning to think all the CD’s I had bought were useless. There were other words, but they were about a couple of songs, not albums, like powerful, memorable, visceral (but lacking inspiration), gets under the skin. Then there was a word to describe a CD:


Warming up to something was the point I thought that a CD meant more than the others. And if it took me by a certain feeling.

There were other words to describe CDs such as controversial and dullish, and there were some CD’s that came in waves some good and some poor if I were a surfer.

I had identified on my list the CDs that were still worthwhile and the others that slipped away. All together a worthwhile exercise as it gave me an understanding of where I now stood in relation to MY MUSIC…Not that I am as committed as I was to the ‘purchase’.

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