There’s a song that comes to mind, I don’t know if anyone has heard it here, but it is called “The Discipline of the Groove”, I think by Recess. The title resonates with me as life is like the discipline of the groove. I prefer to call life like that than call life a “Slave to the Rhythm”, the catchy song by Grace Jones, from 1985. Discipline of the groove is getting into one’s work or routine. Discipline of the groove has spiritual implications as well as life ones. In terms of me writing, it’s just a matter of having the discipline to start a piece of writing or finish it and the groove follows. Sometimes, I’d just rather do something else, like think or vegetate. It’s always the starting of something that’s the hard part. Spiritually speaking, starting something spiritual is like the Cliff Richard song, “Where Do We Go From Here”. Once one has decided to commit to Jesus, how does one get into the groove of living the Christian life?

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