Tell a sweet story – in prime time

I know there is a lot of bad news about, but if you turn on the television news, you’ll get some more. While there is a dearth of good television broadcasting, I am, strangely enough, watching the news more than ever. That is the current events. There is one channel I like, but the other one I don’t that much. While watching that one, I noticed a hidden niche for writers that hasn’t been tapped into that much. While the presenters weren’t telling us about how bad shape America is, they were recycling people’s dirty laundry. I saw the potential for a competitor — positive stories, done with charm and imagination. I know that half the world is in bad shape–but there has got to some good despite the dross? Do something differently positive to the latest fall from grace of a politician.

I think it’s not so much the presenter’s fault for delivering the garbage — although tone of voice does count — but the writer’s. So, competitors should set up shop and start writing good, imaginative positive stories that don’t need to recycle people’s shortcomings. Although the temptation to do so can be strong, and even necessary at times, know your niche, and if you need to do a bad looking story on something, do it better than sending the rubbish out to the curbside. Of course, a positive story will need to be better than the media’s recourse to a semblance of a positive story: the upbeat, bubbly, progressive one, in distinct difference to the dirty laundry stories, but coming off as phony.

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