Writing to make an impression on the editor

A brief guide on how to make a positive impression with an editor for any writer like me who’s been learning as they go along. I’ve found that one way to make a good impression with an editor, is to write the piece good enough that it doesn’t look like it needs editing. That’s one way to whet the editor’s appetite, as well as making the piece appealing, interesting and ticks the boxes of the writer’s guidelines.

5 thoughts on “Writing to make an impression on the editor

    1. I’ve thought about this question some more, and in my early days, I used to go to the library and read up on several books about how to do freelance writing. And I’ve done a course on writing that went over that thing. So, I learnt about the query from not only one source. As I enthusiastically queried, sometimes I did a brief introduction and other times a longer one. It worked more or less, and through experience, I learnt on how to improve on presenting my introductory letters (either queries or with the actual article) to make them as more effective as I wanted them to be.


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