Where did the idea go?

Where did my idea go? I started with a simple conception for a devotion that was inspired through a conversation. I wrote it down clearly and plainly. Then, as I wrote, I followed this idea right through. In the course of “life”, though, a thought that was related popped into my head and that became my first paragraph, and the original idea became a sentence or two. This was all the first idea became. Where did the idea go? Or where did my idea go?

Although this is not Shakespeare’s “that is the question”, there is still a profundity to seeing where the idea took me. Later, the idea took me to a place of ‘heart’ where I confronted the premise and faced its reality in my life. I didn’t feel like writing this down, but I had to, and I wrote something that no doubt improved the devotion because it came from a place of my heart reality. Initial ideas are not the end. They will take one on an adventure and maybe not an easy one.

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