I’ve been working on a devotion that’s been assigned to me and it’s subject is something my body and mind knows, but not my affections, for the subject of perseverance is an act of the will that can be painful and difficult. Perseverance is not something I cherish, but is something that I always attempt to embody. For a writer, perseverance is kind of their life blood as without it not a word would be written that’s of any worth. Words of worth take time and effort, they take dedication to get onto paper. Through perseverance things get done–but perseverance is not only about sticking with something, it’s the quality one puts into it as well. And making quality things takes perseverance and can be demanding. But well worth it in the end, for even if no one wanted your work, it’s still a work one put their all into, and that means it’s worthwhile, as one did their best and beyond it.

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