Personally speaking

There are situations in life where one has to speak personally. One such situation is where a well-known person, a celebrity or someone of note in some field, is interviewed by a radio presenter about what their favorite things are. They are asked, what’s your favorite movie? Favorite music and album? Favorite food? Favorite book? In other words, what do you like? It’s important for the interviewee to answer these questions in the capacity of his or her own self and not tow the line or an agenda. Authors may even get asked these personal questions after a certain amount of time in the public eye or in the process of publicizing their books. So, they may say in the interview, that personally, my favorite book is…and so on. So, it may the same for lesser known people. One presents the “party line” in one forum, but speaking personally, one talks about what their favorite things are.This is important for writers, because they show a personal face in contrast or complimenting the public one.

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