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One of my articles was given the editorial treatment, which I liked and disliked, politely speaking. I could have gone irate and thrown a fit, but I just quietly accepted it: the editor changed the opening and therefore the introductory emphasis of the article. However, to be fair, if they told me straight out, I probably would have gone ahead with the article anyhow. I was eager for it to be published. I wouldn’t have minded too much at the time. On reading the published article, I liked what they done to improve the article in a literary sense. I was however disappointed that my original emphasis was taken down a few paragraphs. Now, the article sounded like something else that I hadn’t intended and which changed the tone of the piece.

It goes to show that alterations in structure and placement of paragraphs can change emphasis. Some publications are very niche and will not diverge from their reason for being in any article they publish.

I wasn’t expecting them to change the opening. Later on it made a lot of sense that they would. In the end, these guys are great at what they do, but I wouldn’t be writing in their kind of publications again. Because I don’t go along with how they emphasized my article, a reflection of their overarching ethos. This became clear to me, when it came to how they edited my article. Too close to their requirements for comfort. I avoided sending them my stuff in the future, but still liked, somewhat speaking, the publication credit.

Maybe there’s a lesson here.

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