Does one have to sell their writing to get published?

Writing my own stories may be best left with a free online platform like WordPress, because I wonder if the traditional publishers will ever take my own stories on board? Of course, traditional publishers do take stories, but they tend to be the ones that suit the publisher, not any old story, not the ones that I may want to write. My own stories may have to be written a certain way before they are even considered by traditional publishers. I can’t be myself or else face a rejection because it wasn’t written the way the publisher wants it written.

You know, the publisher is right. They are putting up the money to publish a work so have a right to make sure the work is in their niche. They are the ones selling the work so have a right to make sure the work sells. The work must be in a way their loyal readers want.

For a writer, it’s simply about love your neighbor as you love yourself. Or love the publisher as you love yourself. They are the ones presenting someone’s work. A writer may not have the resources to resource their own work, but the publisher does. So, one must respect this reality, because without a publisher there would be no work.

For me, I think I like my own stories too much to make sure 100 per-cent they are going to work for a publisher. Every writer has a certain amount of self-interest or desire to express themselves. But this must be tempered with the reality of wanting to get published.


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