Editors are there to help you

A good editor will never embarrass a writer. They will not publish your piece if it’s going to make you sound less than what you are. Sometimes, writers write pieces that may sound good on the surface, and they send it to the publisher. The editor reads it and puts it on hold, lets it marinate, and comes back to it. The editor rejects the piece and sends you a rejection letter. Once you get the letter and have another look at the article they rejected, you may agree, that the editor was right not to publish it. That how it has worked, at times, for me. The piece is just going to embarrass the writer and probably the publication. A good editor will reject the piece because the piece would have made you look dumb–as well as protecting the reputation of their publication. Editors care about the image they are projecting. Your brand counts, does it make their publication look good to their readers? Of course, the piece may have sounded terrible, anyway.

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