To get an assignment

Cold calling is a lonely business. After all, cold calling is just what it says it is. It’s cold because one is calling some one out the blue who may not want your business. And if they don’t want your business, it’s a cold spear to the heart. Nevertheless, a writer may do cold calling at some stage or throughout their life. Cold calling has various forms, such as taking your business to the streets and knocking on doors and doing the rounds calling people up on the phone, but that was the 90’s.

With the advent of the internet, cold calling can take the form of emailing. Though with the internet, it does not have to be cold calling as the ability to message prospective clients, such as ones you’ve built a relationship with on Twitter and Facebook, has made cold calling a bit redundant. However, sometimes, one must do the cold call and email has it’s pluses and minuses. It’s easier for someone not to reply. If one faced them out or called on the phone you should get a reply straight away, hence the 1990s were good for a straight up reply. Email can bring a bad reply, though, or no reply at all. When the good ones come and with more frequency, email is a friend. You cold called a publication and got an assignment and contract. And writing a job is on the way. This is my story. 

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