The unknown

An underrated film is 1984’s 2010. I’ve watched it again and enjoyed every minute of it, more so than before. There is something spiritual about this film which for me gives it more buoyancy. It shows me there is something more out there and that someone is trying to get through to us.

In the film, the “presumed dead” David Bowman, a scientist, reappears to his wife, his mother, and a scientist. Bowman comes with a message that something wonderful is about to happen, as well as a warning. The scientist takes the warning on good faith. Believing in it is not rational, but he must believe, to save his life.

I can just imagine it’s like God telling us to have faith and believe him because it’s going to be good for us, but we wouldn’t have a clue about what God’s talking about. We are uncertain what we will find if we believe. We want to protect ourselves from anything we are not familiar with. So, we hide.

But the thing that Bowman tells the scientist is that by believing in his message and acting on it something wonderful is going to happen. Is this like when something wonderful happens to someone who believes in the Christian message? It can be. If one believes in Jesus, one can be awakened from living only for the material world.

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