What’s love got to with it?

What has love got to do with God? For many, this question is really out of the question. God does indeed love me, there is no doubt in my heart that God does. To others, saying God loves me is like the height of self absorption. Yet I take it that if one knows God’s love, it’s because one has felt it deeply, more than a brush with it. Sometimes, the way people express it appears to be what’s lacking, making some cringe. It sounds too sentimental to some.

The people who cringe may not know God’s love. So, what if you don’t? What would God have to do with love, then? In a world beset by crime, disaster, death and poverty, I hear them cry. Where’s God’s love?

If one may not know God’s love too deeply, just the state of being open to God can make one aware that there is such a thing as God’s love in the world. Openness to God can be the avenue for sensing God’s love. How does this come?

This is how I may sense it: It’s the thought that God must be love by seeing the natural world that God made.

And the outstretched arms of Jesus embracing you, the presence of love in a church, the love between human beings. The thought from the Bible book of Hosea that God desires our company, friendship.

And we can love God back, and love others, because God first loved us.

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