Loved one

Brought it back for her. All I did was mention something about a family member of mine. That was all she needed. I don’t know if it came down like a ton of bricks. She said, “When you mentioned your [family member] it brought it back for me.”

Then she said, “It’s all good.” (Had I put my foot in it?)

But I wondered if it wasn’t all good. (How should I reply?). Her mother had died and me mentioning my mother brought it back for her.

A death in the family brings sorrow although they say it gets better with time. It’s one of the sad things to happen. It’s not all good. However, I believe something about God that may be helpful for some people. Would I have said that to her? No, because the death of a loved one is so sensitive and I didn’t have a right to speak about it. I may say it to someone I have a connection with or knew well. These are my thoughts about where God is at someone’s death:

God isn’t someone distant when a loved one has died, but someone who understands and is there for us, who shares with us consolation and comfort as we suffer. God cares about the death of our loved ones.

The thought that God is involved and interested in our sorrows can be consoling. And more than just a thought, we can know God’s comfort is for real, as God can comfort us spiritually.

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