The print media

What I’m seeing is that the printing press is struggling so it seems. This may affect every freelancer who ever was and every will be.

As far as I can tell, it’s harder to get your work in print now than it used to be. Your work has to be tailored made, specific, and top notch. It is all geared towards what the newspaper requires, for their audience. Even more tailored made then before. There is more competition, so it appears to me that a freelancer had better be on top of it if they are to get into print.

I was reminded of what seems to be a smaller media–nowadays this being the print media–when a postcard arrived in the post. The postcard in my letter box, headlined “To the householder”, had a promotional code. I could get a free four week trial of the newspaper if I entered the code on their website. Then they would discuss with me whether I wanted a subscription–which I would have to pay for.

It sounds desperate, but I kind of got it, as far as I know. The printing press is finding ways to hook people into their print products, in a digital age. They must find ways to compete or be obsolete in the foreseeable future. I understand. People so often get their news from the internet, but if you are one of the ones who would take up their offer, what would persuade you?

The free trial may. But that’s only for four weeks, then it’s over.

If you seriously considered taking up their offer, then you would take up the free trial to assess the product. Is it good? Is it worthwhile? More importantly, do you need it? This last question is pivotal, because there are so many competitors out there. What are your media needs?

Well, that’s what I learnt from a postcard as it asked me to take their product and forces me to decide. Which way would I have gone? As a writer, it wasn’t absolutely essential for me, unless I was seeking to get published in that market, or as a reader, if I really wanted to read their news, but I didn’t. If I need news, the news is so often on the Net and free or cheap.

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